“Whatever you feed with attention will grow detailed, bold, and brilliant with life for you. Feed the wolves that howl on the outskirts of imagination or feed your dreams instead.” - Tama Kieves “This Time I Dance"

Most of us are unaware of just how much "food" we give to our fears versus our dreams. Those discouraging thoughts, the negative reactions, even the imaginary arguments we have in our heads with others are nothing other than food for our fears. And every time we feed those fears they grow stronger. My suggestion to you is for you to pay close attention to these thoughts—the howling wolves—and instead of letting them pull you along, recognize them for what they are: mere guardians.

Think of them as nothing more than doormen for the palace of your dazzling potential. It's their job to make sure you are who you say you are—that you're truly prepared for the sacrifices and changes that come with following your heart. And how do you demonstrate that? You choose to focus your attention on your strengths. You choose to feed your dreams.

Cultivate the thoughts and feelings that will lead you through that door.

What do your wolves say to you? What blocks you from passing through that doorway? And how do you choose to cultivate the attitude that leads you towards your dreams? Comment on my blog or send me an email