Where are you stuck? Business, money, relationship, health? Most of us get overwhelmed and stuck in one or all of these aspects of our lives, at some time or another.
What are your stories about? What tapes are continually looping around in your head?
There are ways to dig out, get reconnected to the journey of our life and start living large.
Let's start out with this revolutionary idea -
A balanced life is a lie!
It's a great concept; idealistic but not realistic.
Here's why - extraordinary results demand complete focus.  To achieve them, you must intentionally go out of balance, by default. It's more a matter of how long you stay there. Gary Keller elaborates on this in his book"The One Thing", suggesting Counterbalance to be a more realistic and appropriate concept. So if living a balanced life is about being in the middle, work and life nicely even - not too much overload on this side, or the other - then what is Counterbalance? The problem with living in the middle is it disallows you from making extraordinary commitments of time and energy to one thing, in order to achieve extraordinary results! Counterbalance is about letting the important things take precedence when they need to and getting to the rest when you can. Only don't let the one side stay there for too long!
An exceptional life really is a counterbalancing act