“So here’s my guess. A secret rattles your core. Some outlawed prayer for autonomy, mercy, and meaning. And every day you try to put a nice doily over your longing and just go on ignoring yourself like always. Only lately you feel like you’re arm-wrestling with a puma just to stay in control and not think those terrifying thoughts about changing your career (or life, or relationship). No offense, but I’m rooting for the puma. I’m all for the fierce love within you that will not let you settle for rationalization when a life of inspiration calls.”        Tama Kieves “This Time I Dance"

Fear has more costumes in her closet than Lady Gaga, so it's often difficult to recognize her sly face. She can come at you in her most obvious form, fangs barred, or she can come to you in something as subtle as procrastination backed by a smear of rational, responsible reasoning. Our first step towards slaying our personal dragon of mediocrity is to recognize her various manifestations.

How does your fear manifest? Probe your emotional reactions and daily habits. Recognize it, label it, write it down. And then ask yourself if it is worth it to you to submit yourself to that fear. What is the worst possible outcome of facing it? What can you do to reduce or resolve that outcome?

Now...what are the positive potential outcomes of facing that fear? How do those make you feel?



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