Mabel K.

“….I can feel you are a coach who genuinely wants to help people in creating a better life and work…. 

I am very familiar with the basic philosophies and principles of Book Yourself Solid™ and trust that I’m in good hands.

 I thought I wanted more business & clients, but you are helping me reveal there's something deeper.… I am amazed at your ability to "detect" that I needed more. That is truly a gift you have as a coach.

… more than a business coach, creating more clients and income, you are also a life coach, which is work at a more difficult and deeper level. You helped show me I was ‘throwing stones’ in my own path and reveal the deeper challenges hindering me. You are helping me re-assess my values and reveal my true purpose in both work and life…”


Mike T.

“Fran was masterful at creating the space and asking the difficult questions that ultimately allowed me to break through. The clarity came from deep self reflection, which was at times painful, however Fran's guidance ultimately allowed me to find my truth, purpose and path forward.”



“When I first started coaching with Fran, I was struggling with several unpleasant commitments that took all my time and was unable to get clarity on my direction. 

The first thing I noticed was that Fran really listened to what I was saying. And she asked the difficult questions that got me looking at my thought patterns in a new way…….Every time we talk I come away with a new insight — Fran is amazing!

Thanks to Fran's hard questions and good insights, I have completely adjusted the direction of my work. I stopped doing the jobs I hated and am focusing on work that is fun and inspiring.  I would not have figured this out without the benefit of Fran's help and her understanding of the Book Yourself Solid process.  Highly recommended!”

Katie H.

" . . . this (coaching) has helped me to realize that I am not just a mom, wife, sister, friend, etc. but I am a person too! . . .   has taught me to love and value myself — something I haven't done in what feels like forever! Not only have I learned to love myself but I have become a much happier and optimistic person. My marriage has grown ...... as I have been able to open up, communicate, and share with my husband. I didn't know how much I missed feeling this energized!"



Lynn M.

"In our very first meeting, Frances helped me see patterns that I hadn't noticed before. And I thought I knew myself pretty well! . . . we identified one simple change to my daily routine that will make a big difference in my overall health."