It is becoming increasingly difficult to find our center, slow down, reconnect with ourselves, family, friends and co-workers. As we age we have the added challenges of feeling invisible, dissatisfied with our changing bodies, yearning for relevance in a society that is anti-aging rather than pro-aging, and rediscovering our sensuality, passion and purpose. All these challenges have a significant impact on our overall health, wellness, and work life. 

Helping you create your vibrant, healthy, sustainable business and life
is my goal when working with you

Those incremental, sustainable steps to success should be an enjoyable and satisfying journey,
not an exercise in frustration and self-admonishment.


My holistic approach to business coaching.

This means that we look at how all
areas of your life are connected. Business coaching is
also about the business of your life.

My approach is about focusing on your strengths, your potential, building a solid foundation from which to create your business and life - in a way that is fun, flexible, and rewarding.

Together we'll define and actuate your goals

As we work together you'll develop a deeper understanding and ability to implement lasting changes that improve your business life and prosperity.