Have you ever had one of Those days? They start off with an upset, and slide downhill from there? Once the downhill slide gains traction, it seems to increase momentum and then we’re unable to put the brakes on. 

This particular day started with me rolling over, about to get up, and the bed collapsed! Turns out the 3 supports underneath the frame had shifted! Instead of a quiet meditation, I found myself on my belly, squeezed under the bed attempting to restore everything to its rightful place. The rest of the day promised to go off the rails, but fortunately I was able to shift the energy and get it back on track. 

I have lately been starting my days with two new “mantras” - “who might I serve today?” and “how would my highest self engage with my interactions and connections today?”

It sets a good tone for the day and gets my mindset adjusted.

Later that morning, someone did send me a “cry for help” and I was able to listen and serve them well. It made a difference to the rest of their day and, in so doing, upgraded mine too. 

What helps you shift the downhill dynamics and change the course of your “collapsing” days?