“Having direction and going after something–going toward that which gives you purpose is the way. Otherwise your life becomes avoiding trouble and there is no strength in that.”     Joan Anderson’s “A Walk on the Beach: Tales of Wisdom From an Unconventional Woman”

Have you ever had the experience of really wanting to do something, yet never getting around to it? We rationalize that we don't have the time or the tools to start a garden, write a blog, or even make new friends–the kind that lift us up and inspire us. But is it really time we lack, or is it there's no viable path in sight? In my experience, the greater the desire to do something, the greater the resistance to making it happen, and the more concrete my excuses feel. So how do we break through that resistance and begin to nurture our passions?  First, we recognize how our resistance manifests (mine is a sudden passion for sweeping the floor), and then we can say "Ah ha! I see you Resistance!"

Try this exercise: Write down your goals. What would create more joy in your life right now?  Then add three possible paths that would bring those elements into your life - three different ways you could make that dream a reality. Don't focus on what seems possible versus unrealistic. For this exercise, everything is possible. Now post those three paths somewhere easily visible. Look at them daily and ask yourself: "Are the actions in my daily life serving this purpose or, am I following the path of greatest resistance?

How does your resistance manifest? What is your definition of happiness? What paths—however impossible they might seem to you right now—could lead you towards that happiness? Comment on my blog or send me an email.